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Deliver Value, Not Servers

The question today is not whether to move to the cloud but which cloud providers and how quickly. On-demand access to global infrastructure enables teams to own the delivery and operation of their products. Nerdery partners with your technology team to deliver a scalable architecture, solid security, and pragmatic risk and compliance management.

Migrate to the Cloud

Leveraging our experience with Amazon, Microsoft and Google, we can help you choose the cloud provider best suited for your company and prioritize which apps should land there first, and how. By migrating your workloads to the cloud, you increase profitability by focusing on the problems that matter to your business, not the infrastructure around them.

Resilient Advisory

Building resiliency is no longer a simple matter of adding additional infrastructure. By taking advantage of resilient architectures, DevSecOps practices, cloud governance and service orientation, you can architect a highly secure environment without slowing down the pace of innovation. Let Nerdery help you build your resilience and business continuity approaches for delivering business value securely and at speed.

Cloud-Native Design

With expertise across a full range of cloud services, we simplify the options and design the right approach to manage your workloads. Through cloud-native design, you are able to capture business opportunities faster through confident security, rapid iteration and meaningful experimentation.

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